What if you were told that there is a quaint little traveller’s haven hiding in the vastness of the Himalayas, just some 45 km from Kullu? Hidden in the serene Kullu Valley, this offbeat place in the Himalayas, Sainj valley offers the diversity of various life forms in its purest và raw form. If you tìm kiếm for the Sainj Valley on the internet, you will find just a handful of posts about this heaven in the hills, and this is what makes this place so special. Still an offbeat destination to visit in Himachal Pradesh, Sainj valley remains untouched by the modern-day travellers’ capitalism. In the footsteps of Great Himalayan National Park, the remote villages in Sainj Valley are protected under the Wildlife Protection Act. The Great Himalayan National Park which was created in 1972 lớn protect wildlife serves as a major tourist attraction, situated in a close proximity. There are also numerous small villages you can explore in the valley, which will surely leave you hitched lớn this place.

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Sainj is More than a Place khổng lồ Visit…It is a Humanitarian Experience

Local traditions & customs are an experience lớn witness. No words can describe how peaceful và social the locals’ lives are. There is a great tradition of the valley that every newlywed bride is adopted by a villager, after which they chia sẻ a bond of brother và sister. Traditions like these make this valley not just a place but a complete humanitarian experience.

How khổng lồ Reach Sainj Valley?

You can board a bus from Delhi to lớn Aut (Delhi-Manali route). Get down at Aut và board another bus bound for Sainj Valley. You can also hire a xe taxi from Aut which will cost around 500 bucks for Sainj Village.

Best Time to Visit Sainj

Although beautiful throughout the year, Sainj valley offers some breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains during the month of January và February. July to lớn September is also a great option for those who want lớn explore the Himalayas in monsoon.

So, before you start daydreaming about this Himalayan heaven, let’s explore all the things you can do in Sainj Valley.

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1. Trek to lớn The Great Himalayan National Park


As the name suggests, The Great Himalayan National Park is spread over 754 square km & is trang chủ to more than 830 plant species & 400 fauna. The park’s lowest altitude is 1700 metres above sea level and it reaches up khổng lồ 5800 meters above sea màn chơi making it one of the best treks of India. You can choose from moderate lớn hard climbs which may last for 9 days. The climb takes you through different terrain & you can experience the variety of flora & fauna present in the Great Himalayan National Park. Most of them are offbeat trails so you would need a guide to lớn help you in difficult situations.

2. Relaxing amidst the beauty of Sainj Village


The Sainj Village opens its homes lớn travellers with a warm smile và hospitality you won’t forget. Somewhat an offbeat place in Himachal và still untouched, you won’t find the lanes of the hotels khổng lồ stay. But that is what makes this experience so beautiful. You can choose either between living in the GHNP guest house and living in a homestay. Both have its perks but one thing is for sure that the warm hospitality of the village will leave you wondering about humanity. Also, don’t miss out on delicious finger licking local cuisine served by the locals.

3. Soaking the Sun In The Meadows Of Shangarh


Believed to lớn be a holy ground where Pandavas spent their exile, the meadows of Shangarh lives up khổng lồ all the hype of its beauty. An 11 km trek from Sainj village, the moderate trail would be worth reaching lớn this green paradise. If you are lucky you would be able khổng lồ witness the local fairs being organized, which is a festive sự kiện for the entire valley. There is also a temple situated in the meadows which is a major tourist attraction for the locals.

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4. Hearing the stories of Pudrik Rishi Lake


Synonymous with the divinity of the lands, the Pudrik Rishi lake holds religious importance khổng lồ the locals. The Pudrik Rishi lake is sacred and no one is allowed to touch the water. Not your usual lake, you would see a layer of greenery on the lake. If you ask a local about the history of the lake, he/she would tell you the tales, which will make you believe in the divinity of the village. Experiences like these will make it one of the best places to go in Himachal.