If your Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet does not turn on (even after being charged) or the battery does not last as long as it used to, the battery may need to be replaced.

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This guide demonstrates how lớn replace the battery in your tablet.

Caution: Some images display the steps using a metal spudger. Use the heavy-duty spudger instead khổng lồ avoid damaging your circuits.

For more information on connectors, visit this page.

The plastic opening tool may break during this step. You may need to lớn use the heavy duty spudger instead.

Insert the plastic opening tool between the glass screen and the back cover so the curved over of the plastic opening tool is under the glass. Gently pry the back cover away from the glass screen.

Be sure to lớn lift the entire display from the body and that you are not are lifting the glass from the display. You will need to reach down a little further for the correct removal.


Insert the flat over of the heavy-duty spudger between the wires và underneath the battery connector. Carefully lift the black battery connector up to lớn disconnect it from the motherboard.

Using the flat over of the heavy-duty spudger, carefully lift the đen tab that holds the leftmost, đen ribbon cable in place. Repeat this step for the gold ribbon cable và the đen ribbon cable.

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I changed my battery & also the charging port/ribbon cable..... Could someone help me figure out why it still won"t show anything on screen or turn on ? It"s never been dropped, started having a problem with charging issues so decided it must be battery, port, or charger. So I bought all three and still no change ? help!!

Sorry I don"t have any help for you, but it sounds like I am having the same issue as you. Please let me know if you solve your problem.

Hello KW

Please go through in service manaula available on net and follow step by step lượt thích as

1- if have battery voltage more than 3.7 it meas your battery is OK và then go next step

2- kiểm tra conenctor FPCB(SLC500) is fixed properly.

3- kiểm tra voltage on ZD500 volagte when you press the on -off swicth ZD500 Voltage

have khổng lồ same V_BATT voltage if no then replace power nguồn swicth .

4- Please kiểm tra U700(PMIC) & Power

on voltage(C760≥1.0V, C758≥

1.1V, C757≥1.0V, C755≥1.0V,

C754≥1.2V, C753≥1.35V,

C752≥2.0V) if volagte is not OK then replace U 7000.

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good luck

naveedstc - Mar 26, 2017 Reply

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