1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d10 4p6 5s2 4d10 5p6 6s2 4f14 5d10 6p6 7s2 5f14 6d10 7p6

Using Mnemonic"s Phonetic System (which is posted below) we"re going to memorize this alphanumeric series using what mnemonics calls a Link, which is a series of visual images creatively Linked together.

We"re fortunate with this series because "s" is always followed by a 2, "p" is always followed by a 6, "d" is always followed by a 10 & "f" is always followed by a 14. So we have s2, p6, d10, f14.

Because the numbers are always the same following s, p, d, f, we can eliminate the last numbers. What we want khổng lồ memorize is: 1s 2s 2p 3s 3p 4s 3d 4p 5s 4d 5p 6s 4f 5d 6p 7s 5f 6d 7p.

Now we convert using the Phonetic System: 1s (toes), 2s (nose), 2p (knapsack), 3s (mouse), 3p (mop), 4s (rose), 3d (mud), 4p (rope), 5s (lasso), 4d (road), 5p (lip), 6s (cheese), 4f (roof), 5d (lead), 6p (jeep), 7s (gas), 5f (leaf), 6d (shed), 7p (cop).

Memory links need to be bizarre creations in order khổng lồ make them as visually memorable as possible. This can sometimes make them a bit nightmarish lượt thích the one that follows. First we need lớn start with a base khổng lồ start our link from so you"re in Chemistry Class surrounded by shells of electrons. Suddenly your toes burst out of your shoes & on đứng đầu of your toes is this ugly nose that keeps getting bigger & bigger. The nose grows to at least six feet tall và inside of one nostril is a knap (sack). Curious you yank the knap (sack) out và this huge mouse covered with, well you know, comes out with it. The mouse runs over lớn the corner và grabs a mop & makes threatening motions towards you when the mop mysteriously turns into a rose. You approach him but undaunted the mouse rubs your face in the rose which turns out khổng lồ be filled with mud. You grab a rope, that just so happens khổng lồ be lying there, and rub the mud off your face with it. You turn the rope into a lasso and go outside and being in a Tall Tales mood lasso the road outside of your Chemistry class. You decide you"re going to ride the road when it turns into one giant long đen asphalt lip the moment you get on. The lip begins to lớn spit up a flood of cheese until you"re drowning in cheese but you manage to lớn make it to lớn a roof. On the roof a rain of lead pellets begins to fall until the torrent magically turns into a lead jeep. You get in the jeep but it won"t start so you go back và fill it up with gas from a gas can. When you hit the gas you fly off the roof onto a giant leaf that breaks your fall but you can"t stop and go flying into a shed. Unfortunately there"s a cop there lớn give you a ticket.



Mnemonic"s Phonetic System

One is the phonetic sounds "t or d". Made memorable by t or d only having one foot.Two is the phonetic sound "n". Made memorable by n having two feet.Three is the phonetic sound "m". Made memorable by m having three feet.Four is the phonetic sound "r". Made memorable by four"s phonetic "r".Five is the phonetic sound "l". Made memorable by holding up your outstretched left hand and the L being created with the thumb & forefinger.Six is the phonetic sounds "sh, ch, soft j or soft g". Made memorable by J & G "kind of" looking lượt thích a six.Seven is the phonetic sounds "k, hard g, or hard c". Made memorable by two sevens being used to lớn create a printed K.Eight is the phonetic sounds "f or v". Made memorable because a handwritten "f" looks lượt thích an eight.Nine is the phonetic sounds "p or b". Made memorable because p.

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Or b look lượt thích a nine.Zero is the phonetic sounds "z or s". Made memorable because zero starts with the letter z.