Does the latest addition lớn the Galaxy lưu ý family prove to lớn be a worthy upgrade? We find out in this comprehensive Samsung Galaxy cảnh báo 5 review!
The Galaxy lưu ý 5 may not feel like a nguồn user's device anymore, but it takes the best of what the Galaxy S6 offered & brings it khổng lồ a bigger and better package. The stellar display is even better at 5.7-inches, the performance is super smooth và reliable for any và all usage levels, và the camera is one of the best in game android today.
The Galaxy chú ý 5 may not feel lượt thích a nguồn user's device anymore, but it takes the best of what the Galaxy S6 offered và brings it to lớn a bigger & better package. The stellar display is even better at 5.7-inches, the performance is super smooth & reliable for any & all usage levels, and the camera is one of the best in game android today.

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Original đánh giá (August 2015): Over the past few years, Samsung has followed a release cycle featuring two major flagships, under the Galaxy S và Galaxy cảnh báo monikers. Apart from the obvious difference in size, there has always been some separation in design, build quality, và features between the two series, and the mainstream acceptance of large display smartphones led to lớn the Galaxy note series emerging as the more compelling option in recent times.

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With a new, yet controversial, design language, và some enhancements underneath the surface, does the latest addition to lớn the Galaxy note family continue the legacy of the series? We find out, in this comprehensive reviews of the Samsung Galaxy chú ý 5!


Perhaps the most important part of the new Galaxy chú ý 5 is that it feels like we’ve been here before, & that starts with the design. Though much of the Galaxy kiến thiết language remains as familiar as ever, the just-released Galaxy note now takes its build quality cue from the latest Galaxy S series flagship, offering a metal và glass construction. Glass panels are kept together with a metallic frame, and all color options include translucent effects that literally make the phone shine & reflect.


The use of glass means that the lưu ý 5 is also the most fingerprint prone chú ý device we’ve seen, which is another trope that it derives from the Galaxy S6. But, unlike the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, the Galaxy chú ý 5 manages to be just a bit more than a blown up Galaxy S6, with its subtle curves along the sides of the back, that actually help with the handling of this large phone.


Of course, much of what we all remember from Samsung devices returns here. The buttons are all where one would expect them, with the fingerprint scanner integrated into the tactile home button up front. The scanner now works with a simple touch, which is a far better implementation than the swipe version found with its predecessor. Down at the bottom is the microUSB port, the tai nghe jack, the speaker grill, as well as the S-Pen, nestled very neatly into the bottom right corner.


The S-Pen also gets some real updates in design, as is evident when you pop out the top, which has been done in order allow the pen to be flush with the body, making it look and feel sleeker than before. The click on the top is yet another toy lớn mess with, và any avid S-Pen user will probably take advantage of it as they gather their thoughts in between taking down any notes.

This is also a good place to lớn address the “Pengate” controversy that has been making the rounds – while it is true that you are able to lớn put the S-Pen into the slot backwards, that is certainly not a reason to vị so. Even if the S-Pen could have fit backwards without affecting the sensor, I think all users should still be wary of how they are inserting this stylus, and the problem goes away.

The new design language of the lưu ý 5 brings one very significant change that is quite the point of contention, và that is the lack of a removable back cover, and all that it entails. That means no expandable storage via microSD card, and no user-replaceable battery. These were two features that previously made Galaxy cảnh báo devices the go-to phones for power users, và that is unfortunately not the case anymore. Sacrificing these two features does make for the thinnest, most beautifully constructed Galaxy Note điện thoại ever though. Handling might suffer from a pretty slippery glass design (up until the fingerprints and smudges slow it down), but the Galaxy note 5 still manages to have one of the most appealing aesthetics, even if it now feels overly familiar.

The Galaxy note 5 comes with a 5.7-inch Super AMOLED display with a 2560 x 1440 resolution, which is, on paper, identical lớn the display of its predecessor. However, the display has been incrementally enhanced to lớn improve on an already fantastic viewing experience. Quad HD makes a lot of sense on a larger display, resulting in an excellent pixel mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of 518 ppi, despite the large size. The high saturation Super AMOLED construction proves to be as great as ever, allowing for vibrant, vivid colors, and plenty of brightness for comfortable viewing in broad daylight. You vị have the option lớn tone down the saturation though, if that better suits your tastes.

What we think is the most important about this panel, however, is the really small bezel ratio. There is very little space on the sides of the display, which helps tremendously with the handling experience. For a phone that đơn hàng with text & writing, the screen really shines, but fire up a very colorful game or clip and using this display will be an absolute joy.

Performance is a high-point for the Galaxy cảnh báo 5, thanks to Samsung’s use of its in-house processing package, which has been optimized for the toned-down TouchWiz. The octa-core Exynos 7420 processor, clocked at 2.1 GHz, returns from the Galaxy S6, where it really shined, bringing with it an additional gigabyte of RAM, for 4 GB in total. That combination allows for some strong multi-tasking, & that’s great, given the availability of the S-Pen và all of its features.

There is no doubt in our minds that this processing package is a great performer, as a whole week of above-average use has yet to slow down this phone, on which we’ve installed apps, used trackers, watched videos, played games, & taken lots of pictures & videos with. The Galaxy cảnh báo 5 succeeds where the lưu ý line has always excelled – being the fastest và best iteration of the Galaxy experience in any given year.

In hardware, some familiar additions return with the Galaxy cảnh báo 5. On the back of the phone, right next to the camera package is where the heart rate monitor can be found. It works about as well as ever, thanks khổng lồ a streamlined S-Health app, but this is not a feature you will probably use very often.

The device packs a standard suite of connectivity options, including NFC, which will be a part of the upcoming Samsung Pay ecosystem. Phone calls come in loud and clear, & I had no dropped calls during my usage with the T-Mobile network. Speaking of audio, the single speaker unit on the bottom benefits from a better placement from before, but provides the expected quality. It gets pretty loud, but without much toàn thân in the sound, but we’re glad it doesn’t overdo the high ends though.

Fingerprint reading is a thing of the future, and Samsung makes it work quite well in the Galaxy note 5. Setting it up for web sign-in credentials is possible, but, for the most part, the primary use of the fingerprint scanner will be to unlock the phone. The scanner’s usefulness will also see a bump when Samsung Pay officially launches later this year.

On the storage front, the Galaxy note 5 comes with 32 GB or 64 GB options, without the possibility to expand the storage, leaving power nguồn users dependent on choosing the larger version, along the premium it entails. As was the case with the Galaxy S flagships, the storage in the Galaxy note 5 is UFS 2.0, which is a standard that can rival speeds of SSDs, & that helps with maximizing speed. That, of course, might not be reason enough to warrant the removal of expandable storage, but the smooth performance of the device can definitely be attributed to optimized internals, over a myriad of unknowns coming from microSD cards. A lot of people won’t be convinced, but it’s something we thought should be considered.

Finally, when it comes lớn the battery, the Galaxy note 5 packs a 3,000 mAh unit, & that capacity does seem a little bit small at first glance. In our testing, we found that the device could still handle a full day of work without any problems, though getting anything more than that is a stretch. Screen-on time never really got beyond 4.5 hours, but with an impressive standby time, if the device remains unused a lot, it might by easy to lớn get more than a full day out of it.

In attempting to lớn keep the latest Galaxy note phone as thin as possible, Samsung hit a hard limit on the battery form size of the note 5, & focused on charging it as fast as possible instead. For example, the cảnh báo 5 boasts faster wireless charging, although the high speeds are only available with Samsung’s own wireless charger. It is also nice that the device supports both the PMA & Qi wireless charging standards out of the box, but the cordless life that Samsung seemed very excited about at the launch sự kiện still feels a little far off.

The cảnh báo 5’s fast charging capabilities will prove more useful for most users, as the device requires only 10 to 15 minutes to lớn get back khổng lồ decent battery life, and only about an hour lớn be fully charged. Granted, fast charging does feel lượt thích a consolation prize for losing true longevity. But it shouldn’t be difficult khổng lồ find 15-minute charging windows throughout the day, so that you aren’t worried about running out of juice.

The lưu ý 5 retains the unique in the camera department, quite literally in this case: the camera on the device is basically the same with the Galaxy S6′, with its 16 MP rear shooter with a f/1.9 aperture và 4K clip recording capabilities, along with a 5 MP wide angle lens front-facing camera.

By far, the best part about the camera experience is the ability lớn bring it up by simply hitting the home button twice, which will quickly và easily launch the camera app. The manual controls of the mostly familiar ứng dụng have been given a few more options, such as being able to lớn change the Kelvin reading in the trắng balance slider, which isn’t available with the Galaxy S6 camera.

There are all the usual modes as well, with everything from slow motion, khổng lồ a new video clip collage mode that is fun to use. Live broadcasting is also now available, with YouTube as the platform, which is basically a Periscope built into the app. We think it isn’t something most users will use, & even then, more established streaming services like Snapchat or Periscope might still take priority. Shooting in the ứng dụng is nice and quick in most situations, và though there is some spot metering when tapping to focus, a slider for changing the exposure does appear if you need it.

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Picture chất lượng remains as great as ever, keeping Samsung at the đứng top of the heap in the game android world. Good saturation across the board keeps pictures from ever being dull, và detail is also captured really well. Users can benefit from the f/1.9 aperture for depth of field effects, and it does help a bit in low light situations. Of course, pictures vì chưng get the expected cấp độ of noise due khổng lồ higher ISO compensation, và the app gets a little slow when trying to lớn focus in low light conditions. Much like the Galaxy S6 proved earlier this year, the great camera experience of the Galaxy cảnh báo 4 can be improved upon, và thus, the Galaxy cảnh báo 5 gets all the benefits of this past year’s evolution in camera chất lượng and performance.