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What is CORA?

The Colorado xuất hiện Records Act "CORA" requires that most public records be available to the public. A "public record" includes most writings made, maintained, or kept by our office. However, there are some exceptions concerning records made available under CORA.

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Anyone can request public records in the possession of a government office, including the Secretary of temperocars.com"s office. See the Department of temperocars.com CORA Policy (PDF) here.

How vị I submit a CORA request lớn the Colorado Secretary of temperocars.com"s office?

To request records in possession of the Secretary of temperocars.com"s office, send a detailed, written request by mail or email to:

CORA Custodian 1700 Broadway, Suite 550 Denver, co 80290 CORA

In making your request, it is helpful to lớn include the following:

Your name & mailing address.Your phone number or email address so that we can contact you if we need lớn clarify your request.A detailed list or description of the specific records that you are seeking, including tìm kiếm terms and a date range.

The office is currently closed to the public, so mailed communications will be answered when received by staff available to process them in the office. The more specific your request is, the faster we can complete it. Being specific also helps us lớn avoid giving you too much or too little information.

Do all open records requests go through the Secretary of temperocars.com"s office?

No. The Secretary of temperocars.com"s office does not process all mở cửa records requests for the temperocars.com. A person must request records directly from the appropriate government office or the custodian of the records. Other agencies may have different processes for open records requests, so tương tác the appropriate office ahead of time to đánh giá its process. Our office does not have authority lớn determine if another agency or office has improperly denied a CORA request, or to lớn require another agency to turn over records.

Do I have khổng lồ submit a CORA request with the Secretary of temperocars.com"s office lớn get information?

Before making a CORA request, you may contact our office to request information from our staff. Our office is a filing office for business entity records, UCC và EFS filings, charitable solicitations, bingo-raffle, notary, lobbyist, campaign finance, and candidate filings. Many of these documents are already readily available to lớn the public online. We may be able to help you access these filings without asking you khổng lồ make a CORA request.

How vị you deliver the records khổng lồ me?

Information that is available in an electronic format can generally be emailed to lớn you.

If the information is not available electronically, we will send paper copies to lớn you by mail. You will be charged in advance for all electronic or paper documents sent lớn you. See the fee schedule for current fees.

For all information about timeframe for response & associated fees, please refer khổng lồ the Department of temperocars.com CORA Policy (PDF).

You can also read the rules concerning public records requests.

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In addition, you can read the Colorado xuất hiện Records Act or view the Attorney General Opinion concerning CORA requests (PDF).